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Hibaaq Farxaan

what is science?

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2 Isticmaleyaal

1 Answer

  1. Science is a systematic and logical approach to discovering how the world works. It is a process of investigating and understanding the natural and physical world through observation, experimentation, and analysis. Science is based on empirical evidence and seeks to explain natural phenomena using testable explanations and predictions.

    Science is characterized by its emphasis on evidence, objectivity, and skepticism. It involves a rigorous process of formulating hypotheses, testing them through experiments, and revising or refining those hypotheses based on the results. Scientific knowledge is always provisional and subject to revision based on new evidence.

    There are many branches of science, including physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology, psychology, and social sciences. Each of these fields has its own methods and techniques for investigating and understanding the world, but they all share a commitment to the scientific method and a respect for empirical evidence.

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