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Maxamed Nuur

20 example of falling intonation

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2 Isticmaleyaal

1 Answer

  1. Sure, here are 20 examples of falling intonation:

    1. **Statements:**
    * I’m going to the store.
    * The sun is shining.
    * The game is over.
    2. **Commands:**
    * Put that down!
    * Go over there!
    * Stand against the wall!
    3. **Questions:**
    * Are you coming with me?
    * Did you see that?
    * What time is it?
    4. **Exclamations:**
    * Wow!
    * Oh no!
    * That’s great!
    5. **Conclusions:**
    * In conclusion, I believe that…
    * Therefore, we can see that…
    * So, my point is…
    6. **Responses:**
    * Yes.
    * No.
    * I don’t know.
    7. **Requests:**
    * Could you please pass the salt?
    * Would you mind closing the door?
    * Can I have a turn?
    8. **Agreement:**
    * I agree.
    * That’s right.
    * I see.
    9. **Disagreement:**
    * I disagree.
    * I don’t think so.
    * That’s not true.
    10. **Emphatic statements:**
    * I really like that!
    * That was amazing!
    * I’m so glad you’re here!

    Falling intonation can also be used to indicate a variety of other meanings, such as:

    * Finality
    * Certainty
    * Confidence
    * Command
    * Question
    * Surprise
    * Emphasis
    * Conclusion

    The specific meaning of falling intonation will depend on the context in which it is used.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have other questions.

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